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Some Things Are Better Together

Like a scoop of ice cream on a piece of apple pie, some things are just better together. The same can be said about Canada’s official languages, whether you speak English or French… or both! Linguistic duality is at the heart of our identity and a unique source of pride. Linguistic duality makes Canada… more Canadian!

Linguistic Duality Q & A

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Q. Do I have to learn French (or English)?

A. Absolutely not!

Linguistic duality is not a synonym for mandatory bilingualism for all Canadians! It celebrates both official languages! It’s part of what makes Canada unique in the world: together, we are stronger.

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Q. Isn’t this just another debate about bilingualism?

A. No!

Linguistic duality is about the coexistence of two majority language communities: Francophone and Anglophone, which are spread throughout Canada.

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Q. Won’t focusing on linguistic duality hurt linguistic minority communities?

A. Not at all!

A fundamental Canadian value, linguistic duality is a source of meaningful action and vitality for linguistic minority groups. It sows the seeds which will grow into thriving official language communities across Canada, whether they form a majority or minority population.

Linguistic Duality in Action!

Linguistic Duality Network Partners work tirelessly to promote Canada’s official languages. They open the lines of communication between communities across the country, foster understanding and appreciation of each other’s language and culture and build connections between Anglophone and Francophone Canadians.

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Make Every Day Linguistic Duality Day!

Officially, the second Thursday in September is Linguistic Duality Day in Canada. In 2020, we took advantage of this date to launch the Linguistic Duality Network on September 10.

But why wait for the second Thursday in September when every day can be Linguistic Duality Day?

We created a guide of activities to inspire our communities, our families and our children. Check it out and see how easy it is to celebrate this core part of our Canadian identity! Read on and learn,

  • How to mark the day virtually
  • How to mark the day as a community
  • How to mark the day as a school event
  • How to host a Teach-in

Our LDN goal is to expand awareness beyond the federal public service and reach out to all Canadians, to celebrate this day that highlights what makes Canada unique in the world.

Did You Know?

total students in FSL education* (2016-2017)
The number of students enrolled in French Immersion each year
Canadians in favour of bilingualism
Canadians who believe that linguistic duality facilitates understanding between Canadians
Canadians who agree that linguistic duality is part of our Canadian identity
Canadians who are bilingual

Source: Canadian Heritage and the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages